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Objective: delivery of 3X40OT from Gdansk port (Poland) to Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine)

Cargo: truck tires (oversized cargo)

List of rendered services:

  • collection of containers at the shipping line;

  • moving the oversized cargo from Gdansk port to the repacking terminal in Poland;

  • cargo repacking from containers to special tented trucks;

  • development of custom fixings and pads to ensure safe cargo delivery by bad roads;

  • using the reach stacker for most efficient cargo loading from a container to a truck;

  • arranging surveyor’s presence during the repacking and fixing of cargo;

  • processing T1 paperwork;

  • transportation in a special 8-wheeler truck.

To discuss the details of the transportation of your cargo, please contact us via the form below or just call +420 777 194 642