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We are happy to announce that SYNEX LOGISTICS has insured the freight forwarder’s liability in the amount of UAH 4,000,000 per each insured event.

The insurer: Vienna Insurance group

Benefits of insuring the freight forwarder’s liability

The role of a freight forwarding company is to organize the transportation of the customer’s goods to the point of destination. It may sound easy, but in reality, it means a whole range of works including finding the best routes, formalizing the agreements and documents, controlling the terms of delivery and organizing loading and unloading operations.

We have been working on the outsourcing market for many years, so we are professionals in managing people and processes. Thus, we know that it is definitely better to be insured against all possible risks.

That is why SYNEX LOGISTICS offers insurance to all customers covering the compensation for losses in case of any damage along the cargo route.

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